About us

uranium exploration

92 Energy is a uranium exploration company Exploring for high grade unconformity type uranium in the athabasca basin

The Company was formed in 2020, and shortly after acquired a data base of projects which were generated using an innovative and technically-driven prospectivity model. Shortly after the purchase of those databases, and using that proprietary information, the company entered into the Heads of Agreement for the purchase of 8 mineral claims in the Athabasca Basin from TSX listed ISO Energy. 92 Energy's exploration team pegged additional land adjacent to the Iso Energy Claims. These 14 claims have become 3 projects, Gemini, Tower, Clover.

Why invest in 92 Energy?

direct exposure to the athabasca basin
  • 92 Energy provides direct exposure to the highest grade uranium district globally - with exploration projects in the Athabasca Basin
  • Breadth of industry experience at the board and management levels, with in-country and local experience
  • Strong technical foundation with multiple highly-prospective uranium exploration opportunities identified through a prospectivity model
  • Technical exploration capability and local knowledge

Our Business Model

Technically Driven
  • Prospectivity modelling - to generate projects
  • Unconformity type uranium - searching for high grade unconformity type uranium
  • Premier jurisdiction - select a premier mining and exploration jurisdiction
  • Technical exploration capability and local knowledge
  • Discover and develop

The Way we work values statement

Exploring for our future

The way that we work is a statement of 92 Energy's values:

  • To stay safe -  We think and act safely in everything we do, and with due regard to those we work with and those we impact by our actions.
  • To be community minded - We seek to understand the values of the people and communities we work with and in, and we each extend dignity and respect to all the people we deal with and act with integrity in all aspects of our working life
  • To generate sustainable value - We will deliver long term and sustainable shareholder value by making decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of our business and taking account of the impact of those decision on the environment and the communities in which we operate.
  • To be technically driven - Our approach to everything we do is based on sound technical fact based analysis, and it encourages openness and questioning that embraces and drives on-going innovation